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29 January 2012

You may have seen in this week’s Weekly News that a sensory garden is going to be created in the park in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. I must point out that I have not heard anything about funding for the project, so I have to say it may not actually be certain.

In case you don’t know, the purpose of a sensory garden (according to Wikipedia) “is to provide individual and combined sensory opportunities for the user such that they may not normally experience.” It may contain features accessible to the disabled individual such as: scented plants, sculptures, water features, textured touch-pads etc. In other words, its attraction is not just from how it looks but how feels, smells and sounds.

A sensory garden was included in the early plans for the park regeneration. It is great to hear that it is (maybe) going ahead in the near future. The image below is an idea for a possible layout (note the diamond theme). I think it would be a great addition to the park.

Sketch for sensory garden for the park

We are having an informal meeting at the Manor Hotel Bar (on the Prom) on Thursday 2nd February from 07:30pm. Everyone is welcome.

22 January 2012

I guess at this time of year there is not so much happening in the park to photograph for the blog. But walking through toady I realised it is not just what is in the park that makes it such a great place. If you look above the trees and houses there are the imposing cliffs of Nant y Gamar. What a back-drop.

I had a very useful meeting with the Council this week. They are fully supportive of all out plans and have offered to assist wherever they can. Of course, money is particularly tight at the moment, but that just means we will need to be more innovative.

Thank you to an anonymous donor who has given us £400 to spend on a new picnic bench.

Anyone planning to attend the events planning meeting needs to know that the date and time have changed. It will now happen at 29 Madoc street on Friday 27 January at 5:30 pm.


15 January 2012

I have to admit that I had never really paid much attention to the main entrance to the park.  But having taken over as chairman of the friends of the park, people have alerted me to their condition.

Having had a look I can see that the pillars create a great entrance to the park, and I assume they are an original feature.  Unfortunately, although they appear to be intact, some of the pillars are leaning and the walls have cracked.  The cause seems to be that the earth around the base has disappeared allowing the foundations to move.

The question is, what can be done?  A repair that conserves this original feature would be preferable, but I don’t know if this is feasible.  The other option is to knock them down and rebuild, but I wonder whether they would ever be the same.  Anyway, I can assure you that friends of the park are very well aware that something needs to be done.

If anyone has ideas or can help, please let us know.


Reminder – Meeting Monday 23rd January at 6:30pm to discuss park events for 2012.  It is being organised by Janet Finch-Saunders and will be held at her office in Madoc Street.  Everyone is welcome to attend.

Also – North Wales Police are holding a Community Meeting for Craig y Don on Wednesday 18 January 2012.  7 – 9pm at the County Hotel, Promenade, Craig y Don.  Contact


8 January 2012

One week after seeing in the New Year, we have flowers in the park.

The Friends of the Park management committee met this week.  The main purpose was to agree projects for the park.  The list so far includes:

  • Sensory garden;
  • Disabled roundabout;
  • Biodiversity area;
  • New fitness trail;
  • Refurbish the main entrance pillars
  • Refurbishment of the paths in the park;
  • Develop a unique feature for the park.

Any more suggestions or ideas, please let us know.

There is a meeting on Monday 23rd January at 6:30pm to discuss park events for 2012.  It is being organised by Janet Finch-Saunders and will be held at her office in Madoc street.  Everyone is welcome to attend.


Happy New Year

It is the start of 2012, and my plan is to post to this blog every week. I’m not sure what I will find to write about, but the focus will be Craig y Don.
As newly appointed chair of the friends of the park my main interest for the year is working out what we can do in the park to build on the recent improvements. This will include more work on the physical aspects, but I hope it will also mean a few more events, with something for every part of our community.

There are lots of ideas and quite a few people are already on board offering to help. But the more people involved the better, so please get in touch.

Happy New Year