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21 April 2013


We had a great turn out for the consultation day yesterday, and collected over 120 signatures.  It provided an invaluable opportunity to talk to local residents and park users.  It was particularly satisfying to hear so many positive comments about what the friends of the park have achieved over recent years and the appreciation of the hard work it has involved.  We will be analysing the results from the questionnaire over the next few days and adapt our plans to address any concerns raised.  An updated plan will be issued soon and publicised so that everyone knows what is going on. Of course nothing will happen until the funding is in place, which will inevitably take a number of months.

It was also great to see so many different groups using the park yesterday.  Young kids in the playground.  Several different groups playing football, including older teenagers.  Ramblers walking through and stopping for a drink at our gazebo, and the regular dog walkers.  It just proved what a wonderful resource the park is for residents of Craig y Don and further afield.


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7 April 2013

2013 Grant Application

The friends of the park are currently preparing an application to WREN for a grant to make further enhancements to the park.  We welcome your opinions.

Item 1 – Wheelchair accessible roundabout


One thing currently missing from the playground is a roundabout.  Also, one of our key aims is to provide facilities in the park for all members of the community, including the disabled.

We plan to apply for funding from WREN to pay for a wheelchair accessible roundabout.  There are various designs available, but we would aim to select one that can be used abled and disabled children.

Good access to the roundabout would be required.  This is likely to include a new gate into the play area and a path.  We will include the cost of these in our grant application.


Item 2 – Replace the trim trail exercise equipment

Trim trail

A trim trail was installed in the park in the 90’s (or possible earlier).  It provided an opportunity for carrying out different exercises, creating an outdoor gym.  Most of it has had to be removed over recent years, and the remainder is in poor condition.

We plant to apply for funding from WREN to buy new exercise equipment to create a new trim trail.  Other parks in the area have installed metal exercise equipment that appears to be popular.  We feel that wooden items, like the existing, is more in keeping with our park.

Suitable surfaces will be required around the equipment for safety purposes.  We will include the cost of these in our grant application.

We feel that this equipment will provide a benefit to the community in terms of improved health and fitness.  Also, we know that older children will use it for play.


Item 3 – Multi-use games wall

Muga Wall

We know people like to play football in the park.  In an ideal world we may want to create a full pitch, but we don’t really have the space and it would be very expensive to develop the area so that it would withstand continual usage, especially given how wet the grass can become when it rains.

On the other hand, we feel that encouraging sport and activity will be good for health and fitness, and sporting facilities provide entertainment for members of the community that may currently not be very well served by the park.  We feel that a multi-use games wall – otherwise known as a MUGA wall would be a good compromise.  Please note, we are not planning to create full MUGA, just one end like the photo above.

A suitable surface will be required that will be resistant to continual use but also safe.  We will include the cost of installing this around the MUGA wall in our grant application.


Item 4 – Renovate the main entrance


The pillars and walls at the main entrance to the park are in a poor condition.  We feel they are an important part of the park’s heritage, and it would be a shame if they were to fall down or need to be demolished if they were deemed unsafe.

We will include the price of renovating the pillars and walls at the main entrance in our grant application.  We hope to keep the original features, which will require specialist work.  We are currently exploring what options are available regarding renovating them as they are now or rebuilding.


If you have any comments on any of these plans, please get in touch:

Phone Andy on 01492 875918



The Friends of the park are planning a consultation event in the park on Saturday 20th April. Come and have a cup of tea and a chat.