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Party in the Park 2015

Part of the Craig y Don fun day in conjunction with the Community Centre


10:15     Official opening of the rebuilt park entrance
12:00     Party in park starts
12:30     Rocking Ron
13:00     Kiani Gellard
13:30     Robbie
14:00     British International Rescue & Search Dogs
14:30     Fun dog show
15:30     Raffle draw and prizes
16:00     Party close

Activities happening throughout the afternoon

  • Face painting
  • Welly throwing
  • Croquet
  • Word-search
  • Chainsaw carving
  • Bouncy castle
  • Tea & coffee
  • Cakes
  • Hot dogs
  • Book sale
  • Tuck shop
  • Parisella’s Ice cream
  • Battys plant sale
  • Parabands
  • St David’s church
  • Guide dogs for the blind
  • St David’s hospice
  • Craig y Don Community Centre Open Day

This year’s contributors have included:

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Park Entrance Grand Opening

Celbrating the rebuilding of the entrance to the park. The main funder was WREN. Built by Probuild with railings by JP Engineering. The project was organised by the Friends of Queens Park Craig y Don with support by Conwy County Borough Council.

Thanks to LLandudno Town Crier (Billy Baxter), LLandudno Mayor (Frank Bradfield), local MP (Guto Bebb), AM (Janet FInch-Saunders), Miss Alice and Queen of the May.

Additional funding for the project was provided by Crest Cooperative, Watkin Jones, Church Act Fund, Conwy County Borough Council, a local resident and events organised by the friends of the park.

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