The park in Craig y Don is located on Queens Road, a couple of minutes walk from the main shopping area in Mostyn Avenue and five minutes from Llandudno’s North Promenade.

A Park was proposed for Craig y Don as far back as 1907 and was to be located at the junction of Carmen Sylva Road, Riviere Drive (now called Park Road) and Central Drive (which was never built).  The park as it is appears now was created around 1930; along with tennis courts and a bowling green.

Early photos show that the park was quite a spectacle.  There were lots of flower beds, not so much grass and there is no evidence of play equipment.

The park originally covered areas across both sides of Queen’s Road.  The West side is now the Craig y don community centre, tennis and bowling clubs.

Unfortunately, during the 1990’s and early 2000’s the park was somewhat neglected.  It had been allowed to deteriorate and there were no plans for improvement.  If it had been left like this there was a real risk that it would have stopped serving the community and it could have become a no-go area.  In the end a group of Craig y Don residents got together and formed the Fiends of Queens Park.  They have been very successful and improving the park, with new play equipment and centre feature being two examples of visible changes.