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Photos from Party in the Park 2017




Party in the Park – Sunday 25th June and Fun Dog Show


The running order for the park (subject to change) is as follows:
12:00 Party in the park starts
12:00 Llandudno Band (Training)
12:30 Llandudno Music Theatre
12:45 Stagenotes
13:00 Children’s fun and games start (under 5’s, under 10’s and older groups)
13:00 Minions visit
13:15 Kati Lou (music)
14:00 Judy and Dave (music)
14:30 Dog show starts
14:30 Nikki Calder (music)
15:00 Kiani Geldard (music)
15:00 Minions visit
15:30 Raffle draw and prizes
16:00 Party closes
Other activities include welly throwing and croquet all afternoon.


Dog show image

Fun Dog Show (from 14:30) – events include:

  • Waggiest Tail.
  • Best Behaved,
  • Shiniest coat,
  • Brightest eyes,
  • Best Trick,
  • Cute and Cuddly (over 1 year) & puppy under 1 year

Costs £1 per event. Organised with the help of Cater Vets.  Additional prizes donated by Pets at home.

Activities happening throughout the afternoon

Raffle Prizes

Local businesses have, as always, been very generous.  They include

Previous photos

A selection of photos from 2014 Party in the park

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