Survey 2018

Welcome to your Park Survey 2018

This Friends of Queens Park Craig Don is a voluntary group dedicated to the refurbishment and enhancement of the park. It works in partnership with Conwy County Borough Council, who own the park.
Since being set up in 2006 the group has:
* Raised funds to provide new play equipment and rebuild the park's main entrance;
* Established a gardening group that has transformed planted areas in the park;
* Organised various events.
This questionnaire is being used to ensure future plans for the park are consistent with the views of the community.

What is your age?
What is your gender?
How far do you travel to visit the park?
What are the ages, if any, of children in your household?
How often do you use the park?
Why do you use the park?

We are aware that the park is very popular with dog walkers. There are no plans to implement any controls. However, we appreciate that people have different views on dogs.

What are your views on controlling dogs in the park?
In general, do you come to the park alone or with others?
Do you visit the park as park of your exercise of health & fitness routine?
"The Friends of Queens Park have organised a number of events. These have included
* Summer Party in the Park
* Easter Egg Hunt
* Christmas Singalong"

In the last 5 years, how many events have you attended in the park?

In the future, how many events would you like to take place in the park?

What different types of events would you like to take place in the park?

Who do you think should be able to put on events in the park?
All events would be open to all members of the community. We do no anticipate any private events taking place in the park.
What are your views on alcohol being available at events?
Do you or your children use the play equipment?
Please rate the condition of play equipment

Is the park normally clean?

Do you feel safe in the park?

What are your priorities for this park?
The Friends group are currently applying for funds to rebuild the corner entrances to the park to match the main entrance. We also hope to secure funds to repair the paths that are in poor condition.

What do you think about the plan for corner entrances and paths?
Assuming we are successful with the corner entrances/paths, what do you think future projects should focus on?
What is your overall opinion of Queens Park in Craig y Don?
Please tell the ideas you have to improve the park
Would you like to volunteer to be a member of the Friends of Queens Park Craig y Don or receive more information about the work of the group?
If yes, please provide contact details.
Contact details (name, email, phone etc.)
Date that questionnaire was completed